Leads that win shootouts, again and again

No credit card required

The simple fact is that our lead discovery enrichment service outperforms the competition, again and again

In a shootout run by one of our now-customers, we were provided with phone numbers and zip codes for 100 professionals in a given category and were asked to correctly enrich this data with additional details such as name, e-mail address, street address, and the like. The customer had complete ground truth data for every one of these professionals and so was able to compare results to the real world. Our best-scoring competitor was able to enrich 50 of these leads. udu leads, though, enriched 80 of them—that’s a full 60% better than the best competition.

In a follow-up shootout, this same customer gave us the first name + last name + zip code for 1,000 professionals pulled from externally acquired, unvetted, possibly inaccurate lists. Our best-scoring competitor was able to validate and enrich approximately 250 of these listings. udu leads? We provided detailed information for around 500 of the listings—that’s 2x the performance.

When we ran our own shootout against an industry leading lead enrichment and verification service, we provided them with 1,000 leads consisting of a name and zip code and requested validation and enrichment. The service validated and provided e-mail addresses for 28% of the leads. We then gave the exact same data to udu leads and not only did it validate 48% of the leads—a rate 71% higher than the competition—but in many cases it discovered much more information about each person: street addresses, phone numbers, and so on.

Again and again, across industries, across task types, and across desired services, udu leads outperforms the competition

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