Next-generation lead discovery

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The secret sauce of udu leads is that everything we do is live.
We don’t consolidate others’ lists of leads. We don’t work from static data. We don’t accumulate leads, use them for a while, then throw them out when they’re too old. We generate them just for you.
But the question is how?

Think of our lead generation platform as an insanely fast web surfer that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is always focused on finding information specific to a task, and has perfect memory. That’s essentially how we generate leads.

We’ve built a system that surfs the web much as you would if you were looking for leads. We click on promising links. We read and digest web pages. We make notes and create records along the way. But we do this thousands of times faster than any human could. We never stop, not for sleep, holidays, or sick time. We remember perfectly everything we see. And we never get distracted by pictures of cats, no matter how cute or funny they might be.

The result of this is next-generation lead discovery—it’s like a search engine for leads.
And we make it work for you.

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