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Today, lead generation services usually follow one of two models

  1. “I want leads within category x.”

    In essence, the lead provider is simply selecting (randomly or in an ordered fashion) from an existing list of leads within that specific category, like chiropractors, service stations, roofing installers…

  2. “I want leads matching criteria x, y, and z.”

    In this case, leads are selected not randomly or in a simple ordered fashion, but rather are selected by whether (or to what degree) they match various requirements of the purchaser. This might include chiropractors within a specific range of zip codes, service stations associated with a specific list of petroleum companies, or roofing installers in a given state.

The obvious problem with this approach is that leads grow stale over time, starting from the moment they’re acquired. Sure, when LeadCo bought that list of realtors in Mississippi, it was to some degree accurate. But new realtors join and leave the industry every day. How long has it been since that list was fresh? You don’t know. You can’t know.

udu leads uses a dramatically different approach.

When we receive a request for leads—whether in a category (type 1 above) or matching specific criteria (type 2)—only then do we conduct our search. We don’t use lists that grow more stale by the day; we search live on the open web (everything you can find with a search engine) and the deep web (much of what you can’t). So our leads are as up to date as the web itself. If someone updated their website this morning, we’ll find their new contact information when we search for them this afternoon.

The result of all this is a service that provides leads that are always as fresh as possible

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